Other than its natural beauties, Croatia also has a large number of inventors and the various discoveries made in this area. In short we will tell you more about some of the famous Croats from the past whose discoveries marked entire periods, changing the history of mankind.

NIKOLA TESLA (1856-1943.) Born in Smiljan near Gospic (approximately 52 kilometers / 45 minutes of drive from Plitvice Lakes). One of the greatest inventors of all time. He gave so many inventions to mankind, such as innovations in the field of electrical engineering, he designed the first hydro-electric power plant on alternating current at the Niagara waterfalls, he gave the basics for constructing radar devices, after his name a measurement unit for magnetic induction in called (Tesla – T). He left us with more than 700 inventions and 112 patents in various areas of technology and carries the name of a “Man who lit the world”. Nikola Tesla’s house and Memorial Center are only 45 minute drive away from us.

IVAN LUPIS (1813-1875.) Naval officer from Rijeka, the inventor of the torpedo, produced the first time in Whitehead’s factory in Rijeka in 1866.

This decorative article of apparel is the work of the Croatian soldiers, which was first noticed on their uniform by a French King Louis XIII., who received their help in year 1653. Soon accepted on the French court and became the fashion clothing item among the bourgeoisie of that time as a symbol of elegance and culture. Soon spread to Europe and the world and became most respected part of clothes, but unfortunately not by the name of one of the the most popular Croatian products.

FAUST VRANCIC (1551-1617.) Inventor, philosopher and lexicographer; produced a series of technical inventions, among other things, parachute. The first sketches of parachute probably made a genius Leonardo da Vinci in the range of his life since 1452.- 1519. First parachute was constructed by the Croatian inventor and innovator from Sibenik, Faust Vrancic and was successfully demonstrated jumping from the tower in Venice in year 1617.

Pencil, (ballpoint and fountain pen)
SLAVOLJUB PENKALA, (1871-1922.) Invented a pencil and fountain pen in 1906. and the first Croatian who built two-seater aircraft. Although best known for the invention of mechanical pencils, and that today is in Croatia often called penkala, his work includes around 80 inventions in the field of mechanics, chemistry, physics, aeronautics and aviation, and other branches.

Marco Polo
MARCO POLO (1254-1324.) Venetian adventurer and explorer, credited for discovering China to Europe; originating from the island of Korcula.

MP3 player
Did you know that a small device which makes many people happy while going to work or to school is the work of young Croat programmer Tomislav Uzelac? He is the first in 1997. who constructed this amazing device, MP MP3 Playback Engine, which is considered to be the first MP3 player. After making it the American students adapted it to work on Windows, and named it “WinAmp”. We need to be thankful to Tomislav that we made it possible to hear music in the “MP3” format.